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January – May 2024
Republicans still hold a supermajority in the House under Speaker Dan Hawkins (R-Wichita) and in the Senate under Senate President Ty Masterson (R-Andover). While Governor Laura Kelly’s main priority this year will be to push for Medicaid expansion in Kansas, the legislature looks to quickly pass legislation to move to a single individual income tax rate – a proposal that was vetoed by Governor Kelly last year.

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January – May 2023
Key issues this session include incumbent Governor Laura Kelly beginning her second term at the state’s helm, facing a supermajority in both chambers as the House of Representatives turns to new leadership consisting of Speaker Dan Hawkins (R-Wichita), Majority Leader Chris Croft (R-Overland Park) and Minority Leader Vic Miller (D-Topeka).

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January – May 2022
Key issues this session will include reapportionment and redistricting following the 2020 census, a Senate vote on the “Value Them Both” constitutional amendment question on abortion, possible legalization of medical marijuana, and deliberation of how to most appropriately spend the projected $2.9 billion ending balance – either through tax cuts (such as removal of the sales tax on food), or the paying down of outstanding debt (such as KPERS, the state employee retirement system).

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January 14 – May 2021
Following the election, both the Kansas House and Senate Republicans look to have supermajorities, which will potentially allow them to override any veto by the Governor. This will prove significant when considering issues such as tax policy, possible Medicaid expansion, and the redistricting of candidate districts after the census.

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January 14 – May 2020
This year, we anticipate increases in future state budgetary demands concerning such items as the state retirement system (KPERS), school funding, the state highway plan, Medicaid expansion and increased funding for social services.

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January – May 2019
The legislature tackled some important issues, including the annual budget, a large tax bill and some smaller items concerning scrap metal theft and CBD oils. While the legislature was not in session, Governor Laura Kelly signed various bills or allowed the bills to become law without her signature. The legislature is now adjourned until January 2020.

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