Serving Kansas Agribusiness at the Capitol since 1896

Our Goal

When laws are presented in the Kansas legislature, our goal is for the thought, “What impact does this have on agribusiness?” to go through 165 lawmakers’ minds as they sit in the Senate, House or in a committee. We strive – through a multitude of methods – to build strong, productive relationships with every one of our elected officials so when our industry calls on them for assistance, they know the importance of protecting Kansas agribusiness.

We Empower

We empower our membership to not only care about the lawmaking process and how it affects them, we provide them every tool necessary to establish personal and unique relationships with their respective legislators. That way, when a potentially troublesome piece of legislation is brought forward, our membership’s collective voice can be much more powerful than ours.

We Fight For

The advancement of the general well-being of the grain, feed, fertilizer, ag-chemical and seed industries through the support of pro-agribusiness legislation and candidates.

Property Taxes

Grain companies are good corporate citizens and gladly support their communities, schools and local units of government through reasonable property taxes. However, we oppose overly burdensome property tax assessments.

Common Sense Regulations

KGFA members operate in a highly-regulated industry, and we support the adoption and enforcement of common sense regulations. We also support returning regulatory authority to the state legislature, when appropriate, to restore the balance of power in our state government.


To ensure that our industry is able to safely and consistently move grain to market, KGFA supports adequately funding transportation infrastructure projects, and opposes the use of the State Highway Fund for other state expenses.

Railroad Leasing Act

There is a public interest in maintaining agribusinesses located on railroad-leased property. KGFA supports the Railroad Leasing Act which provides protection against unreasonable lease rates and liability clauses for grain storage facilities located on railroad leased property.

Warehouse Licensing

The Grain Warehouse Licensing Program is a Division of the Kansas Department of Agriculture which ensures all public grain warehouses are financially sound. As a consumer protection program, KGFA supports the use of state general fund money for this program.

Agricultural Liens

KGFA supports the current system of prior notification of liens on agricultural products. Under this system, lenders notify potential buyers of the existence of a lien. KGFA opposes changing from this system to a central filing notice system.

“In our everyday world we face real life situations that those in office have an impact on and getting an opportunity to talk with our state and federal lawmakers about those issues is an incredible opportunity. It’s engaging in those activities that left me with the question, “How do I do more?” How can I be a voice for agriculture, a voice for my peers, a voice for my kids and a voice for me? It’s made me realize that one person may be able to make a difference if they are willing to start the conversation and put themselves out there.”

Lucas Hamm

Our Policies

The Kansas Grain and Feed Association policy guide contains the policy and position statements of the association relating to state and federal legislative and regulatory issues. It is intended to serve as a general reference for association members, legislators and other state officials. The policy guide is reviewed and updated annually by the association’s legislative committee and approved by the board of directors.