Governor Kelly Signs Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program

Governor Kelly Signs Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program

In a press conference broadcast on Facebook Live, Governor Laura Kelly announced the signing of House Substitute for Senate Bill 173, enacting the Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program, Friday afternoon. The bill, much debated in conference committees during the legislative session, sets forth the state’s next 10-year transportation plan.

Of special interest to Kansas Grain and Feed Association (KGFA), the plan includes a new $15 million, three-year, 70/30 cost-share grant program for improvements to short line rail and rail siding owned or leased by industry.

“We applaud the Governor and the Legislature’s work in putting together a multi-year program that will provide long term stability to our industry’s transportation needs,” KGFA President and CEO Ron Seeber said. “The maintenance, improvement, and strength of our critical infrastructure is not only needed, but is imperative for the future of agribusiness.”

The final plan will also:

  • specify the types of projects authorized
  • address local funding and new and continuing grant programs
  • authorize alternative procurement methods under certain circumstances
  • increase city connecting links payments
  • add reporting requirements
  • require at least $8 million to be spent in each county through FY 2030
  • state 16.154 percent of sales tax shall be levied for the State Highway Fund (SHF)
  • and make additional changes to law

Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association and Renew Kansas Biofuels Association also assisted in inclusion of this language for its member companies.