Pre-Harvest Pesticide Application Reminder

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In recent weeks, Kansas Grain and Feed Association (KGFA) has heard from a handful of members across the state about late herbicide applications by producers for the control of weeds.

As a reminder, such activities adulterate grain when harvested before expiration of the pre-harvest interval. In the past, the Kansas Department of Agriculture has taken action to sample and test harvested grain stored at our facilities to determine the presence of herbicide.

Where the presence of herbicide is identified on the grain above the allowable tolerance, state regulators require the grain to be segregated and stored separately. In some instances, FDA and EPA regulations may even prohibit blending the grain down to meet allowable tolerance levels.

It is important to protect your grain and your facility by ensuring that no contaminated grain enters the food chain. In order to protect your grain and storage facility, KGFA urges you to ask your customers whether a late herbicide application was made to the crop, prior to accepting the grain, any time you have reason to believe such an application may have been made.

KGFA also recommends posting signage at your facility indicating that you do not accept grain that has received off-label pesticide applications, or that was harvested prior to the expiration of the pre-harvest interval following a pesticide application.

To report these types of activities in your area, feel free to contact Kansas Grain and Feed Association at 785-234-0461.