Fuel Purchased with Stolen Credit Cards at Decatur Cooperative Association Location

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Decatur Cooperative Association in Oberlin, KS recently received phone calls from two individuals who were victims of identity theft. Their information had been stolen and used to make credit cards which were used to purchase diesel fuel from an unmanned fuel site.

The trucks purchasing the fuel were flatbed trailers with Texas license plates hauling drill pipe north on Highway 83. All loads discovered thus far have distinctive blue ends on the pipe (see pictures below), they seem to haul in groups of two or three, are very quick in their fuel stops and prefer no one else to be at the pumps.

Decatur Cooperative Association has their pumps set at $100 max transactions on their road diesel, so these thieves made multiple transactions of $100 on different credit cards for a single truck. In dealing with with this situation, it has been difficult to get information from the financial institutions on which credit cards are stolen and which belong to the thieves themselves. It could be two to three months before the credit card companies charge back the accounts of those who were stolen from. It is believed that that this may be happening south to Texas and north to Nebraska.

KGFA has been in contact with the Kansas Attorney General’s office, which has offered their assistance in the matter. If you have any information, or believe that you may have been victim of this crime, please contact our of fice at (785) 234-0461 or Decatur Cooperative Association General Manager, Kurt Anderson at (785) 475-2234.