AFIA Releases FSMA Training Video

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AFIA Releases FSMA Training Video

FSMA animal food rule requires facilities to train “Qualified Individuals”

Due to the high volume of changes and regulatory requirements brought to the animal food industry by the Food Safety Modernization Act, the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) has released a training video on a topic it’s received multiple member questions on–the Qualified Individual.

The FSMA animal food rule requires facilities to train Qualified Individuals who manufacture, process, pack or hold animal food to ensure those employees are qualified to perform their assigned duties. FSMA defines a Qualified Individual as those who have the education, training or experience (or combination) needed to manufacture, process, pack or hold safe animal food as appropriate to their assigned duties.

In most cases, every individual in the facility, including temporary and seasonal workers, will be Qualified Individuals and need training, such as from this video. This training requirement is different than what is required for the Preventive Controls Qualified Individual. The Qualified Individual provisions go into effect when a facility is required to start complying with the animal food rule.

AFIA’s Qualified Individual training video provides information on animal food hygiene and animal food safety, including the importance of employee health and personal hygiene, as appropriate to the person’s assigned duties. “The video discusses FSMA’s requirement of facilities to keep records of Qualified Individual trainings and maintain those training records of current and former employees, two years post-employment,” said Leah Wilkinson, AFIA vice president of legislative, regulatory and state affairs.

The video, which can be found at the AFIA website, here, includes a user guide which contains an employee handout and quiz, and a sample sign-in sheet to help document the training. A Spanish version is also available. “AFIA members can stream it for free from our website, or purchase the video for a nominal fee on a USB,” said Wilkinson. The training video may also be purchased by non-members of AFIA.


Source: AFIA
December 12th, 2016